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Apollo Sound Recording

Studio Rate: $50 per hour


We hand picked every piece of gear to maximize the quality of your recording.  From Neve, to Telefunken and Universal Audio.  Quality is the most important starting point of every project.  We are always looking at the best way to make your project sound better! 


Our combined 30 plus years of experience mixing music is the most in Colorado Springs.  We are the go to engineers in urban music in Colorado.  


Base Jase has been mastering CD projects for over 20 years.  We can master your project to perfection, please ask us about our mastering specials.

Starting at $200 for a mixtape
$400 for Complete Album up to 10 Songs, or $40 Per Song. 

Stem Mixing/Mastering is $100 per song (1-24 channels)
24+ Channels..Please enquire for pricing.

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